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A quick introduction to our design process and how to order wedding invitations as unique as your best day. Let Scandinavian modern simplicity make a first impression with simple made special. We will create a unique invitation suit to reflect your style and elevate the experience. 

I N W H II T E them //

how to order;

the design process

Girl by the Sea

1 | Questionnaire / Consultation

We begin all wedding stationery orders with a questionnaire (fill it out below), and if it's the easiest we'll continue with a chat over the phone, or e-mail a bit back and forth. We’ll go over all the important details and exchange ideas on how to best visually communicate your story.

We simply want to get a feel for who you are so that your stationery is as personal as possible.

If you want to email us anything that will help us get started on creating the feel of your event, feel free! If a perfect color match is critical to you, mail us a swatch so we can help select that perfect ink to coordinate. If all you have is a handful of magazine tear-outs or a Pinterest board, and aren’t sure where to start, we can help you discover your common visual and style preferences from a fresh perspective.

For those who do not want to go through the process of a fully-customized design, the semi-custom collection offers a range of our favorite styles, ready to be tailored to your event.  You can customize them to your heart's content!  We won't print anything until it's approved by you. You can either purchase them from or webshop and we will make the changes after, or you can contact us and we can finalize design, then send you an invoice on email. 

2 | Price estimate, Design, Customizing + Add-Ons 


After your initial contact, we will reply within a few business days with a first design draft or to schedule a consultation. After this an estimate will be presented and design will be developed. A first proof will be emailed within 7 business days and together we finalize the design to suit your style. Unlimited revisions are included in your estimate to make sure everything is to your exact specifications. 

3 | Approval + Print. 


We will only print with your final approval and delivery is usually within 6-8 weeks of going to print (depending on postage option).

A sample can be printed and sent to you for final approval.

Once the invitation is completed, we’ll begin working through the design and printing of the day-of stationery/paper goods.


Have additional questions? Don't hesitate to contact Trude! 


For an overview of pricing, click the link below:

let's make something beautiful

we will guide you through the whole process


To fast-track the design process and to get to know your event and vision better we have put together a list of questions to help us lay the foundation for your 

I N W H II T E wedding stationery.


Fill out the questionnaire and we will contact you  // 

1 |  Bride's Name (The way you want it on the invitation)

2 |  Groom's Name (The way you want it on the invitation)

3 |  Event Date  

4 |  Ceremony Venue + Time

5 |  Reception Venue + Time

6 | What would you like to include in your Invitation Suite

SaveTheDate / Invitation / RSVP / Details / Map / Website / Other


7 |  Main Invitation Size

A7+ / Square / Arc / No10 / Other

8 | Number of Invitations you would like to print


9 | Any additional details you would like to include

     in your Invitation Suite 

Ribbons / Twine / Sealing wax / Foil / Letterpress / Deckled edges / Other

10 |  Do you have some design inspiration you would

       like to share with us? 

Link to a pinterest board / your vision for the event / color scheme / Color codes / Images /  Other inspiration you'd like to send us in an email?



Thank you! 

your vision for the event

creating a design profile

As part of our design service when you order stationery, we set up a design profile to assist in creating paper that reflects your vision. This will not only help us in 'branding' your event, but can be used to tie all of your details together to build a coherent impression – from flowers to stationery and decor. It will include two main logos, a color scheme, typography overview and a mood board. Use this to help create a consistent look for your wedding and  expressing what you want to achieve in regards to aesthetics when communicating with your vendors //

defining your bridal style

Check out our portfolio or visit our Pinterest to see our work and get inspired. 

You can always mix and match ideas, details, colors and fonts from previous work and collections. 

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