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Save the Date + Envelope // NOK 35

Invitation + Envelope // NOK 55-65

RSVP Card // NOK 15

RSVP + Envelope // 35

Details // NOK 15

Map // NOK 15

Timeline // NOK 15

Menu // NOK 25

Seating Card // NOK 15-20

Table No // NOK 45

Program // NOK 15-25

Thank You + Envelope // NOK 50

All items can be customized. Addressing included.


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Inspired by the coastline with its beaches;

white sand, round rocks and windswept straws.

An understated beauty with delicate details and layers. 


Paper:  White Cover Weight Paper

Printing Technique: Digital Print

Customize: Content and wording, Typography,

Design details, Paper, Envelope and Ink color

Addressing:  Included

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